How to Choose Your Bridesmaids:By Expectation or Instinct

Bridesmaids film pic

 How To Choose Your Bridesmaids: By Expectation or Instinct? You might already have subconsciously chosen your bridesmaids, but obligation, guilt or reciprocation is starting to creep in and cloud your judgement. Unfortunately for some brides it can be a catalyst for stress and unnecessary arguments, after all choosing your bridesmaids […]

Brides and grooms speak out – 7 Things I wish I had known before I started to plan my wedding

Brides and grooms speak out

Now that the proposal is done and you’re engaged, the hard part is done….right??? Ehh…..probably not!!     After all the emotion subsides, the planning starts for real and the question is very often, ‘now what?!!!’ There is no shortage of resources for brides and grooms to consider online, no […]