Booking From Abroad

Planning Your Wedding In Ireland From Another Country??

This is far more common now than it ever has been, there seems to be more Irish people bedding down routes all over the globe who have decided to return home & reunite with their loved ones for the biggest day of their lives!!

You could also be one of the many couples from abroad, who sees a wedding in the emerald Isle as your dream wedding location. Choosing your wedding band can be challenging to plan at home never mind the challenges it can present from another country! We know this, we've helped couples make this an easier and less daunting process!

How We Can Help You.

  • We'll correspond with you on your time zone. That could mean a 4.30am WhatsApp or Skype call from us to suit your schedule.
  • In the event where it's not possible to see us perform live, we'll record the band performing live, or one of your relatives can meet with us and record the band on your behalf!
  • When you arrive in Ireland we'll meet you for a chat in person so you can to know us and confirm all of your requests.

John & Adrienne's Story

John & Adrienne booked Sax and the City while they were living in America