Wedding Bands Ireland Prices,Plus Ceremony & DJ Prices 2020 ?

Wedding bands Ireland prices 2020 : How much does a wedding band cost in Ireland and why??

Plus bonus material: Average wedding ceremony music cost, DJ and drinks reception music prices. Your full & extensive guide to wedding music prices in Ireland is right here ??


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We’ve noticed over the years how often newly engaged couples inquire on groups and forums about wedding band prices and the cost of wedding bands in Ireland.


You’re probably wondering where do I start! Right? Maybe you’re thinking: why are they expensive??


It’s a question that’s not as straightforward as you might expect, there are a number of factors that influence wedding band prices and the average wedding band costs in Ireland


In this resource we delve deep into what you can expect to pay for your wedding band in 2020 and why. We also give you the 4 factors that influence wedding band prices and what your final cost may be.


What is the average wedding band cost in Ireland? How much can I expect to pay in 2020?

The short answer: the average wedding band cost/price in Ireland for 2020 according to Weddings Online Survey  was €2,165. Remember, this figure is just a rough average and it can vary greatly depending on the size of the band you prefer, or is within your budget. For example, a 7 piece band is generally going to be more expensive than your average 3 piece band.



wedding band costs ireland


But that’s not the not the only credible study that has been conducted by a prominent online directory, according to research undertaken by OneFabDay, the average paid for a wedding band and DJ was in the region of €2700 euro.

wedding bands ireland prices


You can see there’s a difference of a couple of hundred euros between both surveys, if you exclude the DJ from the One Fab Day results, again, they are reflecting the average, the research conducted by both  leading directories is exceptional, but given the nature of how broad the wedding market is, it doesn’t take into account some other important variables and your unique requirements that may influence your final cost, which we’ll talk about later.


So, to really give you a detailed answer, we’ve taken it one step further and compiled a wedding band price list based on our own data and research.


Wedding Bands Ireland Price List

Line UpWedding band/AgencyAverage Price
1 man bandWedding Band€320-550
1 man bandAgency€450-650
2 piece bandWedding Band€465-800
2 piece bandAgency€650-1200
3 piece bandWedding Band€750-1400
3 piece bandAgency€1200-1600
 4 piece band Wedding Band€1250-2400
 4 piece band Agency€1800-2950
 5 piece band  Wedding Band €1600-2600
 5 piece band  Agency From €2000
 6 piece band Wedding Band €1800-2750
 6 piece band  Agency From €2500
 7, 8,9,10 piece band Wedding Band €2350-5000


Wedding band price list featuring average wedding band cost per line up, agency and band


Wedding Ceremony Music Prices(credit WOL surveys 2016-2019)


 Service 2016 2017 2018 2019
 Ceremony €305 €376 €440 €475

The average spent on wedding ceremony music has been increasing steadily since 2016.


Average Wedding DJ Prices(credit WOL surveys 2016-2019)

 Service 2016 2017 2018 2019
 DJ €403 €416 €434 €461


The same goes for DJ music, with couples opting to spend more in 2019 and the previous four years


The first table lays out a rough wedding band price list, it’s divided between agency and independent wedding bands, agencies can be more expensive, in some cases a fee is laid on top of the band price, bear in mind this is not the case with all agencies, but it is a reality with some and I’m obliged to reflect this in the table.


There are other important factors you have to take into account when determining what you can expect to pay , which we’ll jump into in detail now, so keep reading.


Wedding bands ireland Prices

Weddings bands ireland prices

4 Factors that influence wedding band prices in Ireland


        1. Number of musicians in the band
        2. Distance
        3. Day of the week
        4. Validation



1. Number of musicians

This is an obvious factor that influences wedding band prices, it’s expected that a 6 piece wedding band costs more than your standard 3 or 4 piece band, more musicians= more fees. This also comes down to a preference and a level of priority- some couples priority will be the entertainment for the guests and will not blink an eye booking a 6 piece band, or a wedding band with brass, others may prefer to spend the resources elsewhere. It comes down to a personal choice.


2. Distance

This involves the distance from your wedding venue to the suppliers base. Generally speaking, wedding suppliers might travel free for the first hour and and apply a 50 euro charge for every hour thereafter.


Travel expense example

 6 piece wedding bandBaseYour wedding venue Distance from band base to your venue Expense added on top of band price
 Band Price 2,290 Cavan / Westmeath  Clonakilty 700 km round trip 350


Table outlining travel expenses that may wedding band prices


3. Day of the week

This may have a positive affect on your wedding band price, it’s widely understood that wedding bands and suppliers can be much more flexible with their prices on days that are not deemed to be in high demand.


Which days of the week?

This would generally apply to midweek weddings, weddings taking place from Monday to Thursday. For suppliers who do offer this flexibility, the customer can expect to save anywhere between 10-20% off their quoted wedding band prices in most cases, possibly sometimes more if you drive a bargain

Average wedding band cost ireland

Midweek wedding band prices Example


 6 Piece Wedding Band Price Midweek deduction 100 euro  Midweek Price/Cost
 €2,290 €100€ 2,190


Table outlining the average cost of wedding bands for midweek weddings

However, there’s one day of the year that incurs a larger price and that’s New Years Eve. You may expect to pay an additional 10-25% for the option of having your wedding on this desirable date.


It’s considered a night when people (including musicians) may want to spend time with their family and friends, they are sacrificing their time and personal life on that special day to work, and just like in any other job, the employee would be remunerated to reflect this.


New years eve wedding band price list example

 6 Piece Wedding Band PriceNew Years Eve Fee New Years Eve Price

Table outlining New years eve wedding band price list


4.Validation & Demand

Couples value wedding suppliers who have strong customer reviews and validation. Bands who have a proven track record with a large selection of live videos of weddings, verified customer reviews and a wedding award thrown in to boot, can expect to have much stronger demand than their competition. Couples are prepared to pay more for quality, for a wedding band that they can count on, to give them the service they want. Wedding bands with this sort of demand & proof of providing an exceptional service can expect to command a higher wedding band price, like in any other industry.

Wedding Bands Ireland Prices

Sax and the City Band-Winners Best wedding Band 2019


Cost of wedding bands has been increasing

According to data obtained from the Weddings Online surveys over the last 4 years, wedding band prices  and costs of wedding suppliers in general have been on the rise.


We can see from the table/wedding band prices ireland have seen a marked increase year on year

 Service 2016 2017 2018 2019
 Ceremony €305 €376 €440 €475
 Band €1,406 €1,961 € 2,019 €2,165
 DJ €403 €416 €434 €461

Table demonstrating that the average cost and spend on wedding bands has been increasing( Credit W.O.L surveys 2016-2019)


This has been inline with the average total wedding budget increase


Figures from the weddings online surveys  from 2013 to 2019 seem to indicate that wedding budgets have  grown consistently, with the most notable increases taking place from 2015-2019( 21,219 euro-28,462 euro).


Average Wedding Budget €21,219 €22,531 € 24,427 €26,015 €28,462


Average cost of wedding and spend has increased( Credit WOL surveys 2015-2019)


Why are wedding band prices so high?? Are wedding suppliers ripping us off?


This does come up from time to time and at face value I can see why couples might think this, but I’ve yet to meet a wedding supplier who was swimming in money. Or driving the latest Mercedes Benz, unless it’s a long wheelbase sprinter that’s clapped out from one too many Killarney weddings.


It’s a living wage for most suppliers

Most are just trying to make a living, they only have a few days a week to earn that income and weddings are seasonal with high and low peaks throughout the year. There are high costs associated with advertising and running a business in a crowded market place, with all the trappings that come with it being a sole trader, or limited company.


Weddings are expensive


The short answer to this is that wedding suppliers tend to spend a lot of time on site, a huge amount of effort and qualification goes into the preparation of a customers wedding. It’s not a trade or profession where you can just rock up and start providing your services, it takes years of validation and attention, and no matter how good you are, you’re only as good as your last gig.


Average wedding band costs in ireland


You have to be invested in your service and give your customer the best experience, answering calls out of hours and going the extra mile, which is always a requirement. There’s also the associated costs and overheads of running a business, which, like any entreprise, have to be factored in to the price in order for it to be viable.


Brides and Grooms are heavily invested, financially and emotionally in their special day.


Naturally, there’s a strong obligation on the supplier to become a part of that commitment, to provide an exceptional service, to help you achieve your goals for your wedding and rightly so, a wedding is an important life changing occasion, that requires the experience and expertise of qualified, validated professionals.


You get what you pay for, right?


This generally tends to be true!

The easiest way to find out if a band is worth the money they are charging is to simply view them at a wedding band showcase and search independent wedding band reviews  to educate yourself, view as many as possible and you’ll be able to seperate quality from the mediocre and the poor very quickly.

wedding band prices ireland

How To Get The best Value Possible


Do your homework! Compile a list of bands you like and get their prices and all associated costs, measure from what they charge but also from the return you can expect to get in the form of entertainment value. You can only gauge and get a sense of this by seeing them perform live and engaging with them 1-on-1. Focus on the music, see how attentive they are to your questions and if you can clearly obtain an honest and truthful view of what they can provide.



Yeah, I just said it! You wouldn’t think an ancient word like that would still exist in post bust, back to boom Ireland, but it still has its place, here’s why:


Let’s say you’ve left it little late to pick your wedding band and most seemed to be booked up, not something we’d recommend but it’s more common than you’d think!!


You might have leverage

For the bands that are available, the likelihood of them filling the date on relatively short notice is unlikely(not impossible) and like all businesses they’d prefer to be earning on a potential work night. See what you can negotiate and work together, the chances of you coming away with a deal are pretty good.


I REALLY wouldn’t recommend leaving it on the long finger to book your band though! The more time you have at your disposal equals more options, which will ultimately lead you to better choice of quality bands and value and more maneuverability when it comes to wedding band prices.


 It ultimately comes down to your preference and priorities and what you can afford

It really comes down to what you can afford but also what you consider to be good value. Some couples would have no hesitation spending €3000 or €4000 euro on a band, they may place more importance on entertainment and the potential lasting impression and memories it can produce. To these couples it represents as a good return on their investment, and yes, they may have deeper pockets too!


Others couples would prefer to spend that extra cash on their honeymoon, so it comes down to your preference and priorities too.

Wedding band prices ireland

Wedding Band Prices should be visible


Wedding bands and suppliers should consider keeping their wedding band prices and associated costs on their website.




It’s beneficial  for the customer and the supplier, it makes their journey simpler-it gives them an important answer on their customer journey. For the supplierit qualifies your leads!! It saves you one of your most important resource as a small business owner-your time


What Do we Charge?


We”d like to think we offer good value for a 6 piece band, considering we have a line up featuring male and female vocals with a two piece brass section as standard.

This lineup feature Female and male vocals as standard with the added colour of a live brass section featuring trumpet and as the name suggest sax. We don’t hide our brass in the corner, we bring them to the fore to knock your party up a gear. Having the dual use of male and female vocals gives us the ability to perform the best male orientated classics and female vocal hits. The line up gives us the versatility and ability to cover any genre with authenticity and conviction-there’s no backing tracks in this band! Our musicians are all industry experience and professionally qualified, meaning you get the very best for your wedding day. Our set last for up to 3 hours and costs: €2.290

wedding bands ireland prices
Jazz Reception Music
Featuring our smokin hot brass section and keys. They’ll take you back to another era with cool sophisticated jazz, funk and modern pop numbers covered in a funky style. This is a great way to chill right after the wedding when you and your guests are sipping your drinks. It certainly makes an impression and sets the tone for a great evening to come: €300

Ceremony Music with Vanessa

Vanessa is Sax and the City’s front women, you may not have know that she is actually a fully qualified wedding celebrant, an award winning vocalist and an ceremony planner. She has over 15 years experience behind her in the wedding industry, so you know you’re in safe hands. She takes a customer centred approach to her ceremony music service, she’s available for 1-1 consultations to talk about your requirements and wedding music requests. From €450


This is one of our most popular options and it’s easy to see why. Our DJ kicks in right after the band play their last beat! No momentum is lost on the dance floor. This option provides a seamless transition from from band right into DJ to keep you and your guests dancing well into the small hours of the morning. There’s no small PA or lighting rig with this option, our DJ uses the bands rig so you know the quality is going to be top drawer. Send in a list of music you’d like to have played and bring your requests, our DJ caters for everyone.€350

wedding bands ireland prices

Sax DJ

Featuring DJ with one of our pro saxophone players, no one does Sax DJ better than Sax and the City!! Playing all the best club tunes and classics, adding a  burst of energy to your late night party, transforming your dancefloor into a high octane nightclub with rip roaring Sax solos, bringing a unique twist to your wedding party! € 750

Some info about the author: Ronan Corrigan

Picture of Ronan Corrigan Sax and the City wedding band Ronan Corrigan Sax and the City

Ronan is a professional trumpet player and digital marketing enthusiast, he’s also a serving member of the Irish Defence Forces as a professional trumpet player, he’s an experienced wedding supplier with over 10 years of industry experience to date.


” Our objective is to give you the best experience possible for the best value possible, your wedding party has to be anything but ordinary, it has to be awesome!!”

Wedding band Prices Ireland

This article was written as a guide to help you on your journey and answer your queries in relation to wedding band prices & average wedding band cost. The wedding band price list we’ve included is a general guide, but it’s a good indication and starting point. Wedding band prices Ireland vary for multiple reasons, as with any other service or product,research is key. Thanks for reading wedding band prices ireland 2019, we hope it was of benefit to you.

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