Top 20 Wedding Bands With Brass (Ireland) : Brass Section Bands 2020!

If you’re viewing this page you must be one of the unique people who appreciates wedding bands with brass, in gratitude for a being a true funky brass lover, we're giving our top tips on booking your dream brass wedding band.


We'll also give you a list of the top 20 wedding bands with brass section that are currently working in Ireland


So, as you’ve probably guessed(our name practically gives it away) we’re a wedding band with a brass section.

We don’t hide our brass section in the corner like other bands, we’re known for bringing our brass section front and centre to your wedding, to give your wedding party a full and energetic sound and the WOW factor it deserves!


Let’s jump into why brass wedding bands are a great addition to your day!!


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Major Benefits of Booking a Brass Wedding Band


1.They Sound Awesome

Think of it, how many songs do you know that have some sort of brass riff, or catchy brass line or solo ? From modern to classic pop there’s a lot more than you think, go to a Bruno Mars gig, I bet you’ll see a smoking hot brass section in the corner doing their thing. Even if his music is highly produced and synthesised, he still utilises a brass section to bring another level of colour and texture to his performance.

2. Authenticity

In our opinion there’s nothing worse than a synthesizer playing a popular prominent brass line or solo. Imagine playing pencil full of lead by Paolo Nutini or Tequila on a synthesizer, it just doesn't have the same impact, sound, or energy. Brass solos should be left to brass players,period! Or if you want to start a conga line, can you bring the keyboard out onto the dancefloor for a shuffle? Not really!! But you certainly can with a member of the brass section!

3. The WOW Factor!

Have you ever heard a sax or trumpet solo that made your head turn or take note? That’s the experience you get from wedding bands with brass, that have the ability to lay down a screeching trumpet solo or ripping sax melody. From our experience this is something that transcends to the dancefloor, people pick up on that injection and spike of energy that only a brass player can bring. Any wedding band with brass worth their salt will have brass players with the ability to tackle improvised solos and wow your dancefloor.

 Brass Wedding Bands Are Rare


You might be wondering are there many wedding bands with brass in Ireland, you'll be happy to know there's quite a few, but not as many in comparison to your standard 4 piece wedding band.



Probably because there aren't as many professional brass players as there are guitarists/ bass and keyboard players, which are a dime a dozen in comparison.


We Want to Help


To make your journey an easier one, we've compiled a list of the top wedding bands with brass to help you on your way. Yes, they are our competition, but we believe in giving you the answers to your questions, it's what you've searched for after all.

Naturally, we'd like you to consider Sax and the City as your no.1 brass wedding band of choice for your special day. You're welcome to come see us at one of our Live Showcases   & check out our verified wedding Band Reviews  
But, if we're not available check out the list we've compiled for you too, we hope you find it helpful!

Top Wedding Bands With Brass In Ireland?

  • Sax and the City wedding band with saxophone
  • The Goods
  • Superfly
  • Soul Power
  • The Pearly Whites
  • The Ratzingers
  • The Kaye Twins
  • The Unusual Suspects
  • The Wise Guys
  • The Wondertones
  • Hot Topic
  • The Lewd Tunes
  • The Papa Zitas
  • Velvet Lounge Band
  • The Bratz Band


Some bands might be more soul/ swing or motown orientated too. But it all depends on what you're looking for and where your musical tastes lie


Brass Wedding Bands Might Cost More

It's worth considering that you may pay more for a wedding band with brass compared to your standard band, but you'll notice where the extra cash has gone in the form of entertainment value and in a full beautiful sound that's unmistakable, and good brass wedding bands tend to be anything but standard.


If you'd like to see what you can expect to pay for you wedding band in 2019, check out some recent research on wedding bands ireland prices for further info. Not only will you get helpful research on the cost you can expect to pay for your wedding band, you'll also get plenty of helpful information on other wedding services and costs.


If you decide not to book a brass wedding band what are you actually missing out on??

Check out a list of just some of the epic songs that wouldn't be the same without brass


Brass wedding bands ireland

SATC wedding band Brass Section in Action

Brass Wedding Bands Song List

    • OMI-Cheerleader
    • Bruno Mars-Uptown Funk
    • Earth Wind and Fire-September
    • Fleur East-Play That Sax
    • Lionel Richie-All Night Long
    • Mumford and Sons-I will Wait For You
    • Michael Jackson- Blame it On The Boogie
    • George Michael-Careless Whisper
    • Stevie Wonder-Superstition
    • Madness-One Step Beyond
    • The Blues Brother-Everybody Needs Somebody
    • Tina Turner-Proud Mary
    • James Brown-I Feel Good
    • Van Morrison-Jackie Wilson Said
    • Paolo Nutini-Pencil Full of Lead
    • Celebration-Kool and the Gang
    • Give It Up-KC and the Sunshine Gang
    • Gerry Rafferty-Baker Street
    • Robbie Williams-Let Me Entertain You
    • Tina Turner-Simply The Best
    • Elvis-Suspicious Minds
    • The Pogues-Fiesta
    • Dirty Dancing-I Had The Time Of My Life
    • Frank Sinatra-New york New York
    • Just Gigolo- Louis Prima

And the list goes on and on……….

They’re just some of the songs from a vast list that utilise the colour  brass wedding bands can bring. I’m sure you can think of more?

Utilising brass should not only be limited to the songs that are known for their popular flashy brass lines.

A creative brass section will able to add a splash of colour and energy to any genre and song, adding a quirky twist to your favourite floor fillers, making them unique to your wedding party.


With all this talk about brass sections I think it’s high time you met our own!!


Introducing the Sax and the City Wedding Band Brass section

Ronan Corrigan

Wedding bands with brass

Ronan Satc Trumpet Player

Ronan is a professional trumpet player from Castlebar Co. Mayo. He joined the Defence Forces School of Music when he was 19. During his career he’s played at historically prominent events at home and internationally, he’s performed in the Royal Albert Hall, National Concert Hall and many others. As well being a very experienced brass player with the ability to perform  in multiple styles, he’s also a professional wedding supplier and thoroughly enjoys performing and entertaining  at weddings from Killarney to Dublin.

Daire O'Reilly

wedding bands with brass

Daire SATC Sax Player

Daire O'Reilly is a man of many talents, a singer, saxophonist, clarinetist and guitar player who have a vast amount of experience as a gigging musician and as a music producer. Daire studied music in NUI Maynooth and Newpark music centre and now runs the acclaimed Harper Lane Studios. Having been on the music scene and wedding band scene in Ireland a for a long time, Daire has developed into a well rounded entertainer. Presently Daire is the director of The Ultimate  Big Band Show and The Dixie King Jazz Band. He’s written and produced multiple albums and also performed with many big artists including the Pogues.


With all the options there are  to choose a brass section from, which size and combination is the best for your wedding and what do they have to offer??

What's the the difference between a solo brass instrument or a 4 piece brass section??...keep reading, you're about to find out!


1.The Solo Brass instrument

This is an option that’s pretty common, some bands offer it as an add on, some like ourselves have it as a permanent fixture. The best starting point  and the most common would be tenor saxophone, we would be biased, but it is the universal instrument of choice as a stand alone brass instrument on a gig.



A solo sax blends and fits in well with a rhythm section, compared to a stand alone trumpet, it has a more mellow tone and can cut through the rhythm section when it needs to project, sound wise it just works and has a range that gives added depth to the band and really enhances the sound.


Some bands might substitute solo trumpet or trombone, while they might have some of the range, they don’t quite compliment the sound of the band as well and lack the flexibility that a saxophone can provide.


Those reasons aside, most of the big popular brass solos for live band that you can think of were written for sax, so it just wouldn't sound the same on any other brass instrument.


Best Choice-Tenor Saxophone

brass wedding bands

   2-Piece Brass Section

This tends to work best and is the most commonly used with trumpet and tenor saxophone. It provides the lower range that the tenor sax can bring and is complimented by the top end and soprano range the the trumpet can provide. They just sound awesome together and is just a really good combination,it’s the gold standard.
Some bands might use alternative combinations, maybe trombone and sax or trombone and trumpet and while it does work to an extent it’s still not the same and wouldn't be the best choice in our opinion.
Best combination-Trumpet and Tenor Saxophone

wedding bands with brass


3-Piece Brass Section

If you want to add extra weight and umph to the brass line adding a trombone to the mix gives it extra bunch in the lower register .The standard for this combination is usually:trumpet,tenor sax and trombone and with the proper musical arrangements and charts it sound amazing! Other bands might use alto sax,tenor sax and trumpet in lieu of this combination and while it might suffice to an extent, it's not optimum.

Best Combination-Trumpet,Tenor Sax and Trombone

wedding brass band


4-Piece Brass Section

For the brass lovers who have deep pockets, this is where you’re really beefing up your brass section. But the effect will be completely lost if you don’t use the correct combination of instruments and proper musical charts and arrangements to facilitate them.


I’ve seen 4 piece brass sections consisting of 2 trumpets and sax and the trombone all playing the same charts and brass line, in a nutshell, you might as well of had a solo or  2-piece brass section, because the benefit of 4 was lost due to poor combination and not utilising the correct musical arrangements.


A 4 or 5 piece brass section for a wedding might be considered overkill, this is where the law of diminishing returns may  assume its place. But, if you have the space it can be an awesome combination.


If  you are going to use this figure, I suggest you go for our recommended combination.

Best Combination-Trumpet,Ten Sax,Alto Sax and Trombone
Trumpet, Trumpet 2, Ten Sax and Trombone
All the info might seem a bit overwhelming, but just take note of the recommended options and you’ll be in brass heaven.

brass wedding bands

Vanessa with our brass section

What is the best brass section for a wedding?

 Trumpet and sax option works best, hands down!!
From my experience of being a professional brass player for 16 years and having played with multiple combination throughout my career, I have to honestly admit that the trumpet and sax duo is the best choice of brass section in the context of a wedding party.



A lot of the reason, some are very practical ones!



The more musicians you hire, the bigger the fees. Remember the law of diminishing returns? There's not a huge amount of noticable difference between a 2-piece and a 3-piece or 4-piece brass section, your guests are there to party, not listen to a brass quintet.


If the band does not have their brass section optimised correctly and professionally charted music, you lose the full effect of a large brass section and it just becomes noise on your stage.

Our charts are designed to give a 2-piece brass section a big band sound, any good band will have the same.



This can be a problem with some country house venues, some old country estate venues have marquees where they host their weddings, or have extended the building with a new modern wing built for the purpose.

Two good examples of country houses which are well adapted for this are Clonabreany house in Meath and Lough Rynn Castle in Leitrim, for these venues, throwing in an 8 or a 10 piece band is no problem, but this may not work in a smaller period venue.


A 5 or a 6 piece would be the max in for some of the old period country house that are not extended, or have no marquee. So be sure to check with your venue prior to booking a larger band!!


Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Wedding bands with brass have the ability to add another level of colour and energy to your wedding party, it's no wonder why they have always been popular and are becoming more and more common at weddings, when couples see the potential for an extra special party.
If you are going to take the plunge into the world of wedding bands with brass, just be sure to view the actually combination and line up you're considering live, see if there's any significant benefit from having a 10 piece band over a 6 or 7 piece,  in a live performance, then you'll get a real appreciation for what you're actually booking.

If you're crazy about wedding bands with brass and you can see the real value in booking one, check out what we can offer you on our website Sax and the City Band
We're always available for a chat:)

Some info about the author: Ronan Corrigan


Picture of Ronan Corrigan Sax and the City wedding band

Ronan Corrigan Sax and the City

Ronan is a professional trumpet player and digital marketing enthusiast, he's also a serving member of the Irish Defence Forces as a professional trumpet player, he's an experienced wedding supplier with over 10 years of industry experience to date.

" Our objective is to give you the best experience possible for the best value possible, your wedding party has to be anything but ordinary, it has to be awesome!!"

Wedding Bands with Brass

This post was written to give you a better understanding of brass wedding bands, hopefully it will give you a much broader understanding of wedding bands with brass  and how to choose the right one. Each brass section has its own added advantages, but like everything else on your wedding journey, make sure you view every wedding band with brass you're considering and  booking in a live environment or a live showcase event. Check Wedding Band Reviews also

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